Minimalist Home Floor Recommendations

A minimalist house certainly needs a floor that matches the design concept, is contemporary, and makes the whole house comfortable. The floor of a minimalist house can’t just be chosen. Look for one that is easy to maintain, durable, and provides added value to the appearance of your home.

Parquet Minimalist House Floor

Until now, parquet wood flooring is still the number one favorite. The elegant character that is seen from each wooden surface gives more value to the room. Not only that, wood elements are much preferred because they are suitable for all design concepts. Starting from minimalist, classic, to even contemporary.

Minimalist House Floor Doff Ceramics

If in the past the use of ceramics with shiny finishes was in great demand, now the presence of ceramics with matte surfaces has dominated. For minimalist house floors in tropical climates, ceramic materials are still popular because they give a cool feeling when stepped on.
However, the matte surface that is presented is now preferred because it gives an understated impression, and looks more natural. With the rise of industrial design concepts today, doff ceramics are very suitable to be paired with metal elements and distinctive cement walls.

Homogenous Ceramic Minimalist House Floor

If the ordinary ceramic floor type has two layers, namely glaze and clay, then this trending homogenous ceramic only consists of one layer of the same, starting from the bottom to the top.
This type of homogeneous ceramic is designed to resemble or is an imitation of natural granite, so it is widely preferred. Various choices of motifs can be chosen, for a minimalist home concept, choose neutral colored ceramics so that it is easy to mix and match with the furniture that complements it.

Minimalist Home Floor Ceramic Wood Motif

In the ceramics family, wood motifs from year to year have always been the most popular. And getting here, this wood motif ceramic is almost like the original wood. The difference is felt when we touch the skin of the feet directly, because we feel an instant cool feeling.
Another reason that makes many people choose wood motif ceramics is because when compared to wood, ceramics are easier to maintain, and have high durability. Water resistant, and not easily scratched.

Cement Minimalist House Floor

For the concept of industrial houses, minimalist house floors with cement mortar like this are common. To be comfortable when stepped on without using footwear, the cement floor is polished until smooth and given a coating or coating.
Now the finished cement mixture that has been coated can be adjusted in color. For a minimalist concept house, choose a white coating for the final result. Or for a house with a Mediterranean concept, you can choose a warmer cream or peach coating color.

Minimalist Natural Stone House Floor

No one can match the luxury that comes through the rocks, as if there is a psychic closeness to nature. Yes, minimalist house floors that use natural stones are increasingly in demand.
Bohemian, rustic, and classic design concepts often choose to use natural stone as a floor. In a minimalist concept house, it is legal to use this type of floor, because it can be the main focus that attracts attention in the room.

Minimalist Terrazzo Floor

This type of material for the floor of a minimalist house has been around since the 1970s and has been booming. Terrazzo presents an artistic side through a manufacturing process that uses residue from ceramics and glass particles.
Now, the modifications are very diverse. Want to choose classic, neutral colors, to colorful pop art. So it can be adapted to its use. By using it as a floor, choose other furniture in a matching color, or even contrast it to make the room look fresher,

Minimalist PVC Vinyl Flooring

If you want to have a wood effect on the floor that is not permanent, then PVC vinyl is the solution. The price is also very varied, depending on the type selected. Whether it’s self-adhesive or non-adhesive, the thickness varies from thin to 3 cm thick.
How to install it is also quite easy, for PVC vinyl that is already self-adhesive, you only need a cutter to cut it to size, a rubber hammer to flatten it, and patience.