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Home DesignThank you for coming to the Design Bar for online inside design assist. I have a couple solutions as you select artwork to your dining space.

This article describes the method of floral arrangement research on senior citizens. Learn in regards to the examine methods adopted and utilized, and why the conclusions had been made. Plus size models are in such excessive demand it is unbelievable! So, if you aspire to pursue a modelling profession and you are fats or curvy, this text is for you. An interior designer should be capable of confirm the amount of wall-hung photos required for an inside decoration job, and the choice must be to the satisfaction of the consumer.

What is the difference between an interior decorator, an interior designer, and an interior architect? And in case you decide to decide on one to study, which one will it be? Find out how …

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Febreze Elevates Home Design with Scent Styling | National Business


From the perfect pillow placement to arranging furniture for good energy flow, interior design is paramount to creating your dream home. We instinctually focus on the colors, materials, and textures that look and feel good, but often overlook one key element: smell. Enter “Scent Styling,” the freshest new design concept from the fragrance experts at Febreze that marries the sense of smell with the visual art of interior design to elevate your living space. Studies have shown that smell – both good and bad – can have a profound impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. By thoughtfully incorporating scents throughout your home, you can curate an atmosphere for every room.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Febreze partners with actress, TV personality, and home decor designer Garcelle Beauvais to help introduce its new fresh new design concept “Scent Styling.” (Photo:

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8 lessons in luxury from a contemporary farmhouse home |

When you build a home in one of LA’s most sort-after neighborhoods you want the interior design to match the glamorous setting. This newly built six-bedroom house is located above Sunset Boulevard in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles and is packed with luxurious finishes and design details that make it one of the world’s best homes.

Now on the market for $12 million, the contemporary farmhouse-style home was completed in early 2022. Its sumptuous and inspired interiors are the distinctive work of designer Jae Omar (opens in new tab)who shares to us about the project and its luxury highlights below.

headshot of designer Jae Omar
Jae Omar, architectural designer

Jae Omar, the architectural designer of this Brentwood, LA, home, describes his latest project as a contemporary farmhouse-style residence – his signature style – explaining that this particular property has a ‘deconstructed facade that was pared down to create

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The Best New Home, Design and Food & Drink Releases This Week

For more of the latest and greatest product releases, check out our full collection of the best new gear.

The Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Release

the macallan james bond 60th anniversary bottles


This year marks 60 years since James Bond made his cinematic debut in 1962’s Dr. No, and to celebrate, the franchise’s many brand partners have been rolling out commemorative collections. The latest, and one of the most impressive, comes from venerated scotch distillery The Macallan, which today unveiled their James Bond 60th Anniversary Releases.

Although Bond is most associated with vodka martinis, the superspy has been known to imbibe whiskey now and then, and in recent years his hooch of choice has been The Macallan. The scotch brand’s new collection comprises six limited-edition bottles, each featuring a unique design and color to represent its assigned decade and all containing a 43.7% ABV single malt boasting notes of citrus, sherbet and

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Kim Kardashian Is Officially Launching a Home Accessories Collection

If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, done a deep dive on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, or if you’ve glimpsed AD‘s 2020 tour of her Axel Vervoodt–designed home, you know that the businesswoman and entertainment personality has a thing for monochrome, particularly of the greige variety. The neutral color has invaded much of Kardashian’s world, from the shared office of her brands Skims and Skkn by Kim to the products themselves, the most devout being her nine stone-toned Skkn by Kim products that feature no distracting informational labels or in-your-face branding.

Less than four months after the launch of the aforementioned skin-care products, Kardashian is set to release yet another collection perfect for her fellow greige disciples: bathroom accessories. The line includes five concrete products—a vanity tray, a round container, a canister, a tissue box, and a waste basket—that will fit right in alongside a collection

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Kim Kardashian Wants to “Elevate” Your Home With New Line of Accessories

If you haven’t been keeping up, Kim Kardashian has announced a new lifestyle venture.

After building a beauty and fashion empire, The Kardashians star is ready to enter the home décor space, introducing a line of five bathroom accessories under the SKKN by Kim umbrella on Oct. 6. Each piece—which includes a vanity tray, a round container, a canister, a tissue box and a waste basket—were intentionally designed to coordinate with her other brands.

“I love concrete and gray tones, it feels really zen to me,” Kim told Architectural Digest in an interview published on Sept. 28. “When I was designing the packaging for my SKKN by Kim skin-care line, I wanted the packaging to look really good in my own home. All my inspiration was concrete sculpture and varying shades of stone.”

She continued, “For these new home accessories, I wanted to make sure they really complemented the

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Tour a “Luxury Funhouse” in Laguna Beach, California

AD100 interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer’s more-is-more approach to decoration feels either inspired by the Pacific Ocean’s magnitude or like a brazen attempt to be the equal of the irrepressible view at this cliff-hugging vacation home in Laguna Beach. “This house is really something very different for the family,” says Nussbaumer, who has worked on the multigenerational family’s other properties for almost two decades. “[They] raised [their] kids in more traditional homes, and now that there are grandchildren around, it’s the era of the luxury fun house.”

Fashioning a funky and fearless tableau requires a vast imagination, a key characteristic of natural-born maximalist Nussbaumer. For instance, the designer spared nary an inch of surface area in the house from gutsy graphics, from the site-specific black-and-white wall art in the game room, stenciled with painter’s tape, to the painterly CC Tapis rug underfoot in the kitchen-adjacent keeping room. Also in that rounded

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6 Styling Rules That Make Your Home Look Professionally Decorated

Do you ever come across a photo of a space that makes you want to dive right in? While that background may have been set by a talented designer, a lot of the magic of photographs comes thanks to careful styling. Interior photographers know the best tricks for making dreamy spaces appear even dreamier for the lens (and some even have tricks good enough to turn a mediocre space into a head-turner). These methods can teach the rest of us a thing or two about making our homes look great in person, too.

Lucky for you, Sara Ligorria-Trampa Los Angeles-based photographer and interior stylist, and Joanna Hawley-McBridethe digital influencer behind the lifestyle blog Jojotasticspilled their best styling secrets in a discussion at the inaugural Meridian Experience, a 4-day conference and retreat for interior design influencers and content creators in Bellevue, Wash. (Calling all aspiring or active

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Inside the Homes of 11 Master Interior Designers

It’s the job of interior designers to interpret the fantasies of their clients through their own creative lens. But, when completely left to their own devices—more specifically, within their own homes—how do they decorate?

That’s the premise of Inside: At Home with Great Designers, a new book out on September 28 by Phaidon. Featuring an impressive array of spaces belonging to the likes of Faye Toogood, Miles Redd, to Vincent van Duysen, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the aesthetic minds of the industry’s top talents and their unencumbered creative ethos. “Home is a launching pad for dreams—and they’re always dreaming in Technicolor,” William Norwich writes in his introduction. “Even when it’s beige, it’s camera-ready.”

Some designers have a similar style to some of their most recognizable projects: the grayish Prussian blue seen in Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch’s Montauk home, for example, is similar to the shade at New

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Step Inside Emma Chamberlain’s Deeply Personal Los Angeles Home

By the time Emma Chamberlain was old enough to vote, she was already a certifiable social media phenomenon. Venerable journals of the old school—the same ones that faced an existential crisis over the emergence of new media—were tripping over themselves to shower the teenage internet superstar with breathless paeans. The New York Times described her as “the funniest person on YouTube,” someone who “changed the world of online video.” The Atlantic dubbed Chamberlain “the most talked-about teen influencer in the world.” Time magazine placed her on its 2019 list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet, alongside folks like rapper Lil Nas X, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Today, at the ripe old age of 21, Chamberlain is reveling in act two of her brilliant career: focusing on her top-rated Anything Goes podcasts; building her signature Chamberlain Coffee business; promoting her brand partnerships with

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