Tips to Build a House Hack STACK in Your 20s

Couch flipping may be the best side hustle you’ve never heard of. It’s so lucrative that today’s guest Parker used couch flipping to save up his down payment for his first house hack! Of course, who could have assumed otherwise from someone like Parker? He’s a financial analyst who made an intelligent move from expensive Boston to sunny Tampa to house hack for the first time with one of his best friends. He’s making some impressive moves at a young age, but he still has questions about what to do next.

Although Parker is thankful for buying the house hack, he doesn’t know what he should do after he moves out. Does he sell the property, keep it as a rental, transfer it into an LLC, or go back to renting as he saves up enough money for the next house hack? He also has some very pressing capital

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Do You NEED an LLC for Rental Property?

Do you need an LLC for rental property investing? Ask some investors, and they’ll hit back with a resounding “of course!” But ask another group of investors, and they’ll tell you “not at all!” This duality causes many rookie investors to become confused, not knowing when to protect their property with the limits that come with an LLC. So how are millionaire investors setting up their properties and partnerships? Or, more specifically, what are Ashley and Tony doing to protect themselves?

Welcome back to this week’s Rookie Reply! We’ve got some great questions queued up for our cabin and campground co-hosts, Ashley and Tony, to answer! First, we take a question about what to ask a seller during a final walkthrough, and how talking to tenants may be worth the extra time. Then, we hint at when to ask a listing agent for financials on a commercial property, the …

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The Dominoes are About to Fall

Deleveraging is a term you probably haven’t heard. And don’t be surprised; most news networks will never cover what deleveraging is or what it means for the real estate market. But, this capital constriction could implode the housing market, causing numerous investors and funds to go under, leaving the rest to pick up the scraps. This massive change is about to happen, but don’t get too scared; if you bought right, you could be one of the lucky few with a buffet of cash-flowing deals to choose from.

So, who’s better to ask about this impending crisis than Ben Miller, co-founder and CEO of Fundrise? He’s been on both ends of lending, not only buying significant assets with credit but also supplying the funding to others who need it. Ben is predicting a massive change in the real estate market that will shock investors to

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A Tale Of Two Halves

It’s finally over! The crazy, unpredictable, and just plain weird housing market of 2022 has ended. Though analysts like me will likely be studying the 2022 housing market for years to come, we can finally take a quick look back at what happened this year and infer what might be in store for the year to come.

2022 was a tale of two halves. January through May/June was one type of market, and July through December was a very different market. It’s not possible to determine the shift’s exact date, but it was within this timeframe.

The First Half

Through the first half of 2022, we saw a continuation of the wild appreciation that defined 2021. Every major variable that influences housing prices was putting upward pressure on the market. There was strong demographic demand fueled by millennials reaching their peak home-buying years. A decade of underbuilding

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The Repeatable Steps to Financial Freedom in 4 Years w/TheFICouple

Financial independence means something different to everyone. For some, it means having enough to not worry about being laid off. For others, it could mean making more money to buy a yacht, but for Ali and Josh (TheFICouple), financial independence means more time together, growing a family, and a community that helps others reach their highest potential. Just four years ago, Ali and Josh were strapped with six figures worth of debt, living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to survive. Now, they’re financially independent, working their jobs just two days a week, and spending the rest of the time building a better life for their future child.

Ali and Josh are tenacious savers and investors, but they weren’t always like this. They were used to spending everything they made, scared to look at their bank accounts, and hoping that the future would somehow become brighter. Once …

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Write-Offs, Loopholes, and How to Pay Less Next Year

Real estate tax strategies are plentiful. In fact, real estate investing is one of the most tax-beneficial investments you could make, with a plethora of tax write-offs and loopholes you can use to avoid taxes legally. But, if you’re new to real estate investing or don’t know about many of these strategies, you could pay tens of thousands extra every year, limiting your portfolio’s growth. That’s why we brought Amanda Han, CPA and real estate investor, onto the show.

Amanda has been helping investors lower their tax burdens for decades. As an investor herself, she’s had to grow her professional and personal knowledge to take advantage of as many tax deductions as possible. She’s so fluent in the real estate tax code that she even wrote the books on tax strategies for BiggerPockets! Dave and Henry spend today’s interview asking Amanda the tax questions you may …

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The 5 Keys to Building a Financial FORTRESS (Part 1)

You may know how to build a real estate portfolio, but how do you build an unshakeable one? Most real estate investors think that buying a few dozen dirt-cheap houses is all they need to do to make millions and live a life full of passive income. This is far from reality, as your entire net worth could come crashing down as soon as a housing market crash, correction, or new rental policy comes into play. So how do you build a sustainable real estate portfolio—one that will grow your wealth even during the worst of economic times?

David Greene has touched on this topic numerous times, often referring to “portfolio architecture” as one of the most crucial aspects of building wealth through real estate. This strategy not only helps you grow wealth but keep it even when everything goes wrong. Don’t believe …

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The 3 Signs of a Perfect Rental Property Market

What makes a great real estate market? If you’re a new investor, you might think that high rents and cheap home prices are all that matter, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Experienced investors search for more than just surface-level pricing when looking into where is worth investing. This is doubly true when you’re investing in short-term rentals and medium-term rentals—both of which require a specific area to succeed. So what would Ashley and Tony look for when scouting a new real estate market?

Happy Holidays and welcome back to another Rookie Reply! We hope you’ve got your presents wrapped and are ready for the greatest gift of all—Ashley Kehr’s singing voice…and some advice on real estate. This time around we’ve got a few technical questions that rookies may have trouble answering. These topics range from how to find the zoning on a rental property, …

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Sales Slump, Rates Drop, and The Forever-Renters

There are few things more critical to a real estate investor than home prices, mortgage rates, and rent. Thankfully, those are three subjects that Redfin decided to tackle in their new 2023 housing market predictions list. But are these housing market projections the truth, or is the data showing something else entirely? We’ve got Dave to fly solo this episode to break down these hot housing market takes to see which could truly come true in 2023.

Welcome back to On the Market. As we wind down the year, we’re wrapping up as many real estate predictions and forecasts as possible so we can give you, the investors, the best chance of success in 2023! And although many of you have asked for Dave’s crystal ball (it’s just his head, people), he’s brought something even better today to share: cold, hard housing market data! We’ll …

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Pitfalls, Potential, and Passive Opportunities

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More and more real estate investors are exploring what it might look like to be on the other side of the closing table. I don’t mean being the seller, but rather being the lender. With interest rates on the rise, you can easily earn double-digit interest rates by funding or buying short-term notes.  

Imagine investing in real estate where you don’t need to manage a rehab, sign a personal guarantee, or deal with tenants. And if things go wrong, someone other than you loses their money before you lose a dollar. Sounds pretty nice, right?   

So, how exactly do you go about becoming a lender? How can you make money lending? How do people lose money lending? And finally, is there a way to be a passive lender so you can sit back

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