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The Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Release

the macallan james bond 60th anniversary bottles


This year marks 60 years since James Bond made his cinematic debut in 1962’s Dr. No, and to celebrate, the franchise’s many brand partners have been rolling out commemorative collections. The latest, and one of the most impressive, comes from venerated scotch distillery The Macallan, which today unveiled their James Bond 60th Anniversary Releases.

Although Bond is most associated with vodka martinis, the superspy has been known to imbibe whiskey now and then, and in recent years his hooch of choice has been The Macallan. The scotch brand’s new collection comprises six limited-edition bottles, each featuring a unique design and color to represent its assigned decade and all containing a 43.7% ABV single malt boasting notes of citrus, sherbet and dried fruits. Fittingly priced at $1.007, the extremely limited collection is for sale at The Macallan Online Boutique.

Prices: $1.007


Our Place Tableware

our place tableware

Our Place

Our Place already makes some of your favorite cookware with kitchen mainstays like the Always Pan and Perfect Pot, and now the internet-favorite brand is looking to conquer your dining room, too. The brand has unveiled their signature Tableware Collection, and it’s just as beautiful, functional and Instagrammable as you’d expect.

Consisting of various hand-glazed stoneware pieces, all available in multiple shades, the Table Collection features multi-functional plates, bowls, platters and more that are designed to function as an ecosystem. You can stack items on top of one another, use a plate as a lid for a bowl, join a bowl with a platter to create a serving dish and more. Available in a series of bundles or a la carte, all pieces in the Tableware Collection are safe for your oven, fridge, microwave and dishwasher.

Prices: $30


Made In Fish Basket

made in fish basket

Made In

Chef- and home cook-favorite brand Made In has released a new product that’s sure to excite the seafood lovers out there. Working in tandem with Austin-based chef and friend of the brand Fermín Núñez, Made In has crafted a fish basket that’s perfect for home grilling but can also hold up to hardcore restaurant use and abuse.

Made in Oregon from industrial-grade 304 Stainless Steel wire, the basket is designed to hold your fish without tearing off any bits when you’re done cooking. Its hooks are welded into the top of the basket instead of the sides so it can hold larger files, and it’s safe for temperatures up to a whopping 1,000 degrees.

Prices: $99


Momofuku Barrel Aged Soy Sauce

soy sauce


David Chang’s Momofuku line of restaurants and groceries is known for having a mastery over umami flavors, and the brand’s latest release looks to continue that tradition in an unexpected way.

Through a partnership with Brooklyn’s Kings County Distillery, Momofuku’s Barrel Aged Soy Sauce has been aged in — you guessed it — spent bourbon barrels, imparting the whiskey’s caramel, vanilla and holiday spice notes into the salty condiment. Aged for six months, Momofuku recommends the sauce as a marinade, a dip or even to add some flair to an old fashioned.

Prices: $18


Laundry Day Chrome Collection

laundry day chrome collection

Laundry Day

Laundry Day looks to reimagine smoking culture through their unique design-forward products, and the brand’s new Chrome Collection definitely isn’t your parents’ weed paraphernalia. By electroplating a thin layer of chromium to their outer surfaces, Laundry Day has created a trippy mirrored finish for their signature collection of pipes: the Hudson Pipe 2.0, Charlotte Pipe and Tanjun Pipe.

In addition to these (very) shiny new pipes, Laundry is also releasing a new Cube Pipe — which is also available in the new Chrome finish — along with a pair of new grinders in the matching Cube Grinder and bullet-like Silo Grinder. Both grinders are made of aluminum and double as tabletop decor.

Prices: $68