Inside the Homes of 11 Master Interior Designers

It’s the job of interior designers to interpret the fantasies of their clients through their own creative lens. But, when completely left to their own devices—more specifically, within their own homes—how do they decorate?

That’s the premise of Inside: At Home with Great Designers, a new book out on September 28 by Phaidon. Featuring an impressive array of spaces belonging to the likes of Faye Toogood, Miles Redd, to Vincent van Duysen, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the aesthetic minds of the industry’s top talents and their unencumbered creative ethos. “Home is a launching pad for dreams—and they’re always dreaming in Technicolor,” William Norwich writes in his introduction. “Even when it’s beige, it’s camera-ready.”

Some designers have a similar style to some of their most recognizable projects: the grayish Prussian blue seen in Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch’s Montauk home, for example, is similar to the shade at New

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Step Inside Emma Chamberlain’s Deeply Personal Los Angeles Home

By the time Emma Chamberlain was old enough to vote, she was already a certifiable social media phenomenon. Venerable journals of the old school—the same ones that faced an existential crisis over the emergence of new media—were tripping over themselves to shower the teenage internet superstar with breathless paeans. The New York Times described her as “the funniest person on YouTube,” someone who “changed the world of online video.” The Atlantic dubbed Chamberlain “the most talked-about teen influencer in the world.” Time magazine placed her on its 2019 list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet, alongside folks like rapper Lil Nas X, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Today, at the ripe old age of 21, Chamberlain is reveling in act two of her brilliant career: focusing on her top-rated Anything Goes podcasts; building her signature Chamberlain Coffee business; promoting her brand partnerships with

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Exclusive: Recurrent Ventures acquires Dwell

Recurrent Ventures, a venture equity-backed digital media company, has acquired Dwell, a premium home design magazine turned-digital media brand.

Why it matters: Dwell rounds out Recurrent’s current portfolio of home design media companies.

Catch up quick: In the past few years, Recurrent has acquired over two dozen small, digital media companies across a few niche verticals, including home, design, food and automotive.

  • In March it acquired Business of Home, a digital and print publication dedicated to home and interior design enthusiasts.
  • Last year it acquired Domino, a home magazine and digital media company that was launched by Conde Nast in 2005.
  • It also owns Bob Villa, a home renovation outlet and Lonny, a design enthusiast publication.

Details: All of Dwell’s roughly 30 full-time employees have joined Recurrent Ventures and the company’s current management team will stay in place, Dwell’s CEO Zach Klein told Axios.

  • Dwell will continue to
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Don’t overthink things on interior design

Here’s a word problem for all the math whizzes out there: What does a growing to-do list, plus less free time, multiplied by a strong urge to continue home improvements equal?

Insanity. It equals absolute humanity.

This insanity, for me, has manifested as an inability to make any decision that doesn’t involve caring for my 4-month-old infant. That sure doesn’t stop me from trying, though. I feel like I’m riding a carousel of madness as I cycle through my to-do project list, take a week or two researching options I have to carry out said project, get exhausted by my options and try to move on to something easier .

Home With Tess:Finishing our nursery was a labor of love, and I fully embraced my design vision

Take, for example, the kitchen backsplash I’ve had plans to install for an embarrassingly long time. The issue is, I can’t decide

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How to Add Texture to Home Design

Whether you’re setting up a new home for the first time or are giving your interior a refresh, it’s natural…

Whether you’re setting up a new home for the first time or are giving your interior a refresh, it’s natural to want a living space that’s inviting, appealing and comfortable. And a good way to achieve that is to focus on adding texture to your home. Here, we’ll discuss what texture is and how to incorporate it into your design plans:

— What Is Texture in Interior Design?

— How Can I Add Texture to a Room?

— What Are the Easiest Ways to Add Texture to a Room?

— What Are the Most Affordable Ways to Add Texture to Home Design?

— Which Fabrics Are Hot Right Now?

What Is Texture in Interior Design?

When we talk about adding texture to home design, we’re enhancing the way living

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