Hilton Head, South Carolina: Tour a Dreamy Beach House | Architectural Digest

In one residence at the southern tip of Hilton Head in South Carolina, the comforts of home are on impressively seductive display. Chicago-based interior designer Suzanne Lovell was responsible for it—she executed a nine-month renovation of the property, including its outdoor spaces. Lovell was more than up to the task, thanks in part to her pre-existing relationship with the clients (she also designed their home in Lincoln Park, Illinois).

Upon entering this warm-weather retreat—far from the icy winters of the Midwest—several details immediately stand out: a covered brick patio that overlooks the dunes, a tidy stand of palm trees and a boardwalk that slopes down to the Atlantic, the sublime primary bedroom suite, and the massive kitchen, notable for its warmth. All in all, it’s a “lovely life,” Lovell says of the routines made possible by this home’s design.

Grass cloth and hemp may be popular today, but Lovell used

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9 Minimalist Homes That Are Stylish and Tranquil | Architectural Digest

When the interior designer Sebastian Zuchowicki began working with his client on his New York City residence, the starting point was the living room. “I feel like the living room concepts are always the soul of the space, especially in a New York City apartment, and then it trickles down,” he says.

Compared to his client’s conventional summer house in Rhode Island, the three-bedroom apartment in West Chelsea that he currently shares with his two children (and their cat) is a modern sanctuary with a finely tuned aesthetic. Zuchowicki spent a whole year slowly transforming the 3,000-square-foot condominium one room at a time, until the bedrooms, dining room, and newly fashioned private library had been completely perfected.

“My favorite detail is that there’s texture everywhere you look,” Zuchowicki says. “Literally everywhere you look, there’s texture. You won’t see a white wall anywhere, and that to me makes it feel special.

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Tour an East Hampton Home That’s Perfectly Imperfect | Architectural Digest

Wanderlust is not a term typically used to describe a decorating style, but it’s perhaps the only one that encompasses designer Alisa Bloom’s ethos wholeheartedly. But for this particular East Hampton, New York, project, her worldly vision proved trickier than usual to execute.

For any given residential commission, Bloom typically on rare finds and vintage treasures collected all across the globe. But when this redesign for a family kicked off, it was the peak of the pandemic. That, however, made the work all the more necessary: ​​The family was in the process of transitioning from their city life to being based in the home practically full time.

Somewhere along the way, Bloom was finally able to travel again. “I would have five days to visit all my vendors and get out,” Bloom recalls of her European sourcing trips. To supplement those voyages, the designer also ventured to vendors in the

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Home design trend: Barbie is inspiring a playful new interior style

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Today’s homeowners are building out real-life Barbie Dreamhouses — and not the plastic kind.

The new “Barbiecore” trend has officially hit interior design since making a recent appearance in celebrity fashion and pop culture.

As the public anticipates the upcoming 2023 “Barbie” movie — and the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse marks 60 years — the “Barbiecore” movement has made its way into home decor, according to a National Association of Realtors blog.


Blog writer Melissa Dittman Tracey, a contributor to Realtor Magazine, wrote about the aesthetic and how it features playful designs, lots of color and everything pink.

Mattel Inc.'s Barbie Dreamhouse sits on display at the company's Get Your Santa Together event in New York, US, on Thursday, June 20, 2013.

Mattel Inc.’s Barbie Dreamhouse sits on display at the company’s Get Your Santa Together event in New York, US, on Thursday, June 20, 2013.
(Photographer: Peter Foley/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Tracey offered a few design

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How ’90s interior design software laid the foundation for today’s life sims

In 1994, my mom, a working interior designer, decided to jump on the home computing bandwagon and get 3D Home Architect (opens in new tab). The Broderbund program was part of an awkward, curious wave of computer-aided design (CAD) software adapted for the burgeoning home market (opens in new tab)—the average joe looking to redecorate and remodel in an exciting new digital world. I was already familiar with floor plans and architectural drawings from watching my mom at her drafting table. My mother made a valiant attempt to get used to the program, but as a diehard traditionalist, she eventually returned to working with her trusty pencil and paper. Suddenly 3D Home Architect, which my parents didn’t consider a videogame (and therefore not something to worry about), was all mine.

It was a cultural appeal, asking users to imagine one’s life as available for expansion through computing.

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